Personal Branding

Milestone 1:

Brand Overview + Promise

The objective is to create a brand that is playful and tasteful. The hope for

the brand is to merge illustration and design skills. The brand will be clean

and elegant; while holding rich character and vibrancy. It will draw visual influence from the natural world; which can be seen in many of the conceptual components. The brand will have a system of landscape 

inspired patterns using motion; as well as a clean logo and logotype. 

Original Mood Board

Milestone 2:

Personal Logotype

The brand logotype proved to be the most difficult part of the brand. The

initial logotype combined very organic, hand lettering with simple text. After critique and feedback, a disconnect starting growing between the logotype and the brand vision. Today, the logotype strives to have the playful quality of the

first draft with a level of sophisticaiton.

Logotype 1

Logotype 2

Logotype 3

Final Logotype

Milestone 3:

Brand Elements

Color Scheme and Body Type Exploration

For the final branding, none of these color schemes ended up feeling quite right. While the middle color scheme was popular in peer critique, it had an overly cutesy effect when applied to brand. It was always important for the brand to be applicable to a broad variety of design work.


For the typography, is a combination of Chapparal and Proxima Nova. While Proxima Nova is solely used on the website, Chaparral provides an elements of elegance for the print material.

Revised Color Scheme

Milestone 4:

Stationary + Email Signature

Milestone 5: