Completed for my BFA Captsone project at Cornish College of the Arts, Biosis combined original stuffed animal designs, branding, screen printed fabric, shirts, and posters as well as many other collateral pieces. Biosis created an entire brand and philosophy around being able to survive anything and keep your head up but embodying the spirit of a Tardigrade. An inspirational brand for both kids and adults!


Project Statement:

Biosis embraces daily resiliency and adaptability, inspired by the tardigrade. The microscopic organism is known for being able to survive in extreme conditions, through a process called cryptobiosis. Biosis, which means "way of living", translates the habitats and environmental relationships of the tardigrade into everyday human items. It serves as a reminder that we can survive and find comfort in adversity. 

Biosis, BFA Capstone

2018, Cornish College of the Arts

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